text-to-speech software

When you enter text in the text box below, you will hear it in your favorite voice.
You can not only listen to the read text on the spot but also download it as an audio file (.mp3).




How to use

How to use

  • 01. Paste text

    Paste the text you want to hear in the text box. You can enjoy conversion of up to 5,000 characters for free.

  • 02. Settings

    Choose your preferred language, sound quality, and speed. It supports various languages in addition to Japanese. Records are available at up to 4X speed.

  • 03. Playback

    Click on the button to convert to speech. It takes a few second to read about 1000 characters, and audio file (mp3) will be generated and played immediately. Mp3 file can also be shared on SNS or downloaded.

What you can do with "Ondoku"


You can use it from iPhone, Android, or PC, whatever connected to the Internet. You can use it freely when you are at home, when you are out, or anywhere.

01. Both smartphones and computers
02. Customize to your favorite voice

You can customize language, voice, speed and pitch as you like. Both male and female voicesare available, and can be read at up to 4 times speed. We support not only Japanese but also foreign languages, including English.

By registering as a member for free, you will be able to easily share the audio files made by Ondoku on SNS. You can easily share to various places such as Twitter and blog.

03. Easy sharing on SNS
04. Download audio file

Audio file can be downloaded in MP3 format. You can easily download it by clicking ︙ to the right of the play button that appears after reading.

The downloaded audio can also be used as a video narration. It is perfect for those who do not want to appear or speak out on video posting sites such as YouTube.

Leave the narration of the video
05. Leave the narration of the video

Respond to your request

We always modify Ondoku so it becomes "easy to use" for users. We will sincerely answer requests such as "I want you to do this" and "Is this possible?" Please feel free to contact us if you have anything that you noticed to make Ondoku even more convenient.

Try Ondoku for free now

Commercial use OK

It is allowed to use the audio file generated by Ondoku for your service. There are endless ways to use; it’s all up to you.

* For details, visit here


Enjoy high-quality speech

You can enjoy speech function with easy-to-listen voice that you will not get tired of.
Say goodbye to the unpleasant robotic voice.

From reading to listening

The Value Plan offers conversion of 450,000 characters, equivalent to 4 paperback books. From now on, you can enjoy long materials while multitasking, as if you are listening to music or listening to the radio.

Purchase now




$ 0 / Month

For those who want to try and get experience first without registration

  • 1,000 characters/month
  • 3 images/month
  • Free membership; registration not required
  • Attribution statement required


$ 0 / Month

For those who want to try conversion thoroughly by registering to membership free of charge

  • 5,000 characters/month
  • 5 images/month
  • Conversion history available
  • Attribution statement required


$ 9.99 / Month

Those who want to convert text equivalent to about 2 paperback books with Ondoku

  • 200,000 characters/month
  • 300 images/month
  • Conversion history available
  • No attribution statement required


$ 19.99 / Month

For those who want to convert text every day like radio show

  • 450,000 characters/month
  • 1000 images/month
  • Conversion history available
  • No attribution statement required


$ 29.99 / Month

For those who want to use Ondoku as much as possible without worrying about the limit on the number of characters

  • 1,000,000 characters/month
  • 2500 images/month
  • Conversion history available
  • No attribution statement required

Comparison to other companies


Company A

  • Free characters:
    100 characters / once
  • PC
    (Windows only)
  • Available speed: 4 times
  • Supported languages: English
    (5 patterns, standard/dialect)
  • Price: $70 ~ $200


  • Free characters:
    5,000 characters/month
  • Smartphones and PC
  • Available speed: 4 times
  • Supported languages: Multilingual
  • Read aloud from image available
  • Price: $0 ~ $29.99

Company B

  • Free characters:
    trial version: 716
  • PC
  • Available speed: 4 times
  • Language: English
  • Price: $100 - $150

Customer reviews


I used to use other Text-to-Speech software, but I was tired of the robotic voice. However, Ondoku is different! The first time I used Ondoku, I was surprised and fascinated by the smooth voice. Since then, I have been using Ondoku.


Engineer. Tokyo, Japan
I'm a blogger. I was looking for a Text-to-Speech tool when I received a request from the reader, saying, "It's hard to read text, so can you read it aloud on YouTube?" At that time, I met Ondoku. It can be easily embedded in blogs, and commercial use is also allowed, which is truly useful.


Blogger. CA, USA
We are using Ondoku for pre-learning videos for online training. We have a natural narration.


I'm using other Text-to-Speech softwares too, but the voice and pitch of Ondoku was very easy for me to listen to. This time I really wanted to use it in my presentation. It was so helpful.




Please visit here for frequently asked questions when using Ondoku.

Anyone can try for free up to 1,000 characters/month. With free registration, you can try text to speech conversion of up to 5,000 characters/month for free.
We take bank transfer in annual contract only. Please visit here for more details
We issue receipt. Please note that the method depends on the payment method. Please visit here for more information.
You are not required to create a PayPal account, but you can choose to create an account for your convenience. It can be used for payment management and at various shopping sites in the future.
PayPal payments are made every 30 days, so it does not matter whether you subscribe at the beginning or at the end of the month. After the payment, the number of characters that can be used for each plan will be set.
The remaining number of characters is reset every month and will not be carried over to the next month.
For free account, it will be reset 30 days after registration. If you have an account with a contract with charge, it will be reset on the payment date.
There is no minimum usage period. You can cancel your plan anytime.
Please cancel the current contract from the Setting and then sign up for a new plan.
The current remaining characters can be used for 30 days after the last payment. Then, it will be reset to 5,000 characters.
Please log in, and you can cancel your registration from the Setting.

Now let's make the text into speech

You can try text-to-speech conversion of 5,000 characters a month simply by registering as a member for free. It is also possible to play again from the conversion history. Sign up for a free membership now.

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