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Juchheim Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of Western confectionery, including Baumkuchen, based in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture. Create videos for on-boarding training using Ondoku's narration to save time and effort. We asked about a case s Read more

Introducing practical alternatives for when you can't speak due to vocal chorditis or sore throat. We will introduce the use of AI voice technology and recommended AI voices. Read more

I will introduce the specifications of Ondoku. Read more

Voice guidance and narration are increasingly being incorporated into products and services. We will introduce voice and narration options for incorporating into products, as well as the recommended service "Ondoku." Read more

Introducing a case study in which Adire Law Office introduced the text reading service "Ondoku" and achieved operational efficiency. Significantly reduces the time and effort required to produce contract explanation videos and narration for empl Read more

Toyota Industries Corporation uses Ondoku to produce in-house English and Chinese narration. Cut outsourcing costs in half and facilitate international information sharing. This is an example of effective use at a global QC circle convention. Read more