List of posts related to text-to-speech software|Free online read text aloud app "Ondoku"

Thank you for your patronage, we will hold a New Year's gift campaign where a total of 5 people will win a prize worth up to 43,000 yen by lottery! Read more

We are sending an email saying "[Ondoku] The number of characters that can be read aloud has been updated" to notify you of the update of the number of characters. I will explain with images how to stop the delivery of Ondoku character update mail. Read more

Ondoku has a free plan and a paid plan. I will explain with images how to purchase Ondoku's paid plan. Read more

I will explain with images how to cancel (cancel) the paid plan of Ondoku. Read more

This section describes the method and precautions when you want to unsubscribe (delete your account) from Ondoku. Read more