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For teachers who are having trouble with listening tests, there is a very easy way to create listening test audio that you can try. No recording, no microphone, no recording, no hassle. It's free and easy to try, so please take advantage of it! I will Read more

I want to read English fast! However, for us who are not native speakers, reading English is very difficult. The trick to reading English fast is very interesting, and it seems that anyone can easily imitate it, so I will introduce it. Read more

Today, we would like to inform you about the incorporation of Ondoku and the price revision associated with the incorporation. Read more

Ondoku is a text-to-speech service that lets you pronounce words from around the world. You can watch (trial listen) 47 types of Ondoku English voices. Read more

If you need a security check sheet for using Ondoku, please see below. Read more

On this page, we will report the situation and information such as system failure error occurring in Ondoku. Read more

A new Japanese voice (speaker) has been added, so I will introduce it. The name of the new speaker is Takumi (no pitch) and Nanami (guidance). Please listen. Read more