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It's easy to imitate the pronunciation because if you listen to and read something that was difficult to pronounce by looking at it, you just imitate it. Therefore, this time, I will introduce a web service that makes it easier to read English words and s Read more

Ondoku's split function is a function that allows you to split the audio once created at regular intervals and download each as a separate audio file. In this blog, I will introduce in detail how to use the split function. Read more

This is a frequently asked question from Ondoku, a text-to-speech software. Contract, cancellation. This is a collection of questions about choosing the best plan for you and how to use the created audio file. Read more

Ondoku has a free plan that can be used for free and a paid plan that can be used from 980 yen. We will propose a plan that suits you by introducing some examples. Read more

I get an error message and can't download the audio I want. The sentence read aloud immediately before is downloaded. When I press the play button on the web, it sounds correct, but when I download it, the sound is interrupted. These three problems are ve Read more