List of posts related to text-to-speech software|Free online read text aloud app "Ondoku"

Juchheim Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of Western confectionery, including Baumkuchen, based in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture. Create videos for on-boarding training using Ondoku's narration to save time and effort. We asked about a case s Read more

Introducing a case study in which Adire Law Office introduced the text reading service "Ondoku" and achieved operational efficiency. Significantly reduces the time and effort required to produce contract explanation videos and narration for empl Read more

Toyota Industries Corporation uses Ondoku to produce in-house English and Chinese narration. Cut outsourcing costs in half and facilitate international information sharing. This is an example of effective use at a global QC circle convention. Read more

Ondoku's text-to-speech tool was introduced in the operation of the Nishi-Ginza Parking Lot, which is located underground in the center of Ginza and can accommodate approximately 700 cars, to efficiently update the voice information in the parking lot Read more

The Kobe Steel Health Insurance Society introduced Ondoku to improve the video quality of the health portal site "Pep Up." The clear narration has increased viewer ratings and improved work efficiency, and its use is expanding to other departmen Read more

Hitachi Yokohama Science Club has introduced Ondoku. Face-to-face science craft classes have become difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic, so remote craft video production has increased. We will introduce how Ondoku solved the time and labor burden ca Read more