[Introduction example] Remote science education supported by Ondoku - Hitachi Yokohama Science Club

Nov. 2, 2023

[Introduction example] Remote science education supported by Ondoku - Hitachi Yokohama Science Club


  • Organization name: Hitachi Yokohama Science Club
  • Size: 51-100 people
  • Industry: Science and mathematics education volunteer organization
  • Name: Mr. Takeyuki Amato


Face-to-face science craft classes have become difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic, so remote craft video production has increased. Frequent changes to the narration at that time are a burden on time and manpower.


Automate the narration confirmation work and the narration part with Ondoku. Utilize the voices of multiple readers to efficiently produce remote science craft videos.


The effort and time required for narration has been significantly reduced, and the number of videos produced per year has increased. The production of craft videos for elementary school students has increased, allowing more elementary school students to experience science crafts.


The Hitachi Yokohama Science Club operates as a volunteer organization that provides science and mathematics education to elementary and junior high school students.

We actively provide guidance and explain the principles of crafts in science craft classrooms, and support science classes at elementary schools.

We also create science craft kits and remote science craft videos using YouTube.

Background of Ondoku introduction

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has become difficult to hold face-to-face science and craft classes, so we have started remote crafting by watching videos at home.

Due to this change, it became necessary to produce many craft videos in a short period of time.

Before introducing Ondoku, we trained a full-time narrator within the club to transcribe text into audio.

When editing the video, we checked the text many times, and the narration had to be edited and recorded each time.

The issues were the time burden placed on narrators and the time it took to edit videos, but with the introduction of Ondoku, we were able to produce videos more efficiently.

Reason for introducing Ondoku

I first learned about Ondoku through an introduction from a club member.

Before introducing it, we tried various reading tools other than Ondoku.

  • ease of use
  • quality
  • price

We decided to introduce Ondoku from this perspective.

Advantages of implementation

With the introduction of Ondoku, correcting narration during video editing has become much more efficient.

During video production, I use Ondoku almost every day.

I produce about two videos a month. Each bottle lasts about two weeks.

Editing time has been reduced, and you can now save about 10 hours of time when creating a 10-minute video.

Additionally, it is now possible to produce 20 videos per year, whereas without using Ondoku, the limit was about 10 videos per year.

Have you improved your communication with your target audience and customers?

Using Ondoku, I was able to create many craft videos for elementary school students in a short period of time.

This allowed us to increase the number of elementary school students experiencing science crafts.

Usage of Ondoku

Ondoku's user interface is easy to use, it's inexpensive, and we appreciate the fact that you can choose from multiple reading characters.

However, sometimes the accent and intonation feel unnatural.

In such cases, the accent should be changed to match the expectations of the person by changing the sentence.

There are cases where it is not possible to achieve what is expected, and there are also voices wishing for improvement.

Future expectations

In the future, we hope that Ondoku will be able to read out loud with a more natural accent.

I would also like to see more types of reading characters so that they can be used in different situations.


By using Ondoku, correcting the narration, and using the actual narration, we were able to reduce the time it took to create the video by about 10 hours! Thank you for sharing this wonderful example.

Ondoku is also used for many video narrations. You may have actually heard of it! You can listen to the voice types and sample voices of Ondoku's supported languages here .


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