Common errors and workarounds when using Speech Markup Language (SSML)

April 17, 2021

Ondoku uses Speech Markup Language (SSML) to adjust the interval and change the reading.

SSML is a very useful feature that many people use because it allows you to adjust the interval as you wish.

Learn more about SSML.

What is Speech Markup Language (SSML)? How to use with sentence reading software and a list of main codes.

Errors that are likely to occur when using SSML

You may also run into errors when using SSML.

The most common error is

  • Skipping sentences
  • High / low error after break time code

The cause of these errors is currently being investigated.

Causes and workarounds for SSML errors

Currently known causes

  1. Deprecated environment where the browser is internet explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  2. Number of characters over 3000
  3. Example of using symbols when using SSML & "


There are three workarounds for these errors.

  1. Use with Google Chrome, the recommended environment
  2. Read aloud with a small number of characters and combine
  3. Do not use symbols

1. 1. Use with Google Chrome, the recommended environment

The recommended environment for Ondoku is Google Chrome.

You can use it with other browsers, but it may be error-prone.

2. 2. Read aloud with a small number of characters and combine


You can avoid the error by reading aloud with a small number of characters.

If a short MP3 file is useless, try connecting the MP3 file later.

Although it is an external site, you can easily combine mp3 files with each other on this site.

External site: 123APPS

  1. Access 123APPS
  2. Click Add Track
  3. Put the MP3 files you want to combine
  4. Click Join
  5. Save the finished file

3. 3. Do not use symbols


Symbols can have different meanings when using SSML.

Therefore, it may interfere with SSML and read aloud poorly.

If the symbol cannot be used, it cannot be read aloud.

No, that's not the case.

By replacing the symbols with hiragana , katakana , or the alphabet , you can read aloud as you intended.

For example

& Can be written as and.
You can replace it with punctuation, such as "without using."

Other workarounds will be posted at any time.

In addition, we will report to this page as soon as the cause of the error is known.

We are also looking forward to reporting that an error has occurred due to such a workaround.

I will add it to this article.

I'm Ondoku, a read aloud text online app. Read aloud for free up to 5000 characters Sentences are read aloud in high quality and can be downloaded as MP3. Also, commercial use is possible, so please use Ondoku.
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