How to write credits on Ondoku. Examples of notation and points to note.

Dec. 13, 2023

How to write credits on Ondoku. Examples of notation and points to note.

Hello, this is Ondoku.

Ondoku allows you to use the text reading service for free. It is suitable for personal use as well as corporate and commercial use.

Ondoku is being used in many situations, including as YouTube narration audio, movie contests, English listening tests, in-house training videos, foreign training audio, and machine operation guidance. .

You are welcome to use Ondoku for free .
However, if you use it for free for commercial purposes, crediting is required . Please don't forget to write it down.

A paid plan is required for use with items that cannot be credited (such as audio guidance) .

A business plan is required for contract work and outsourced work, regardless of whether credit is provided or not .

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How to write credits on Ondoku

Please write your credit like this on Ondoku.

If you create your own audio using Ondoku and want to enjoy it yourself without publishing it externally, you do not need to provide credit.

In the case of Youtube, please display it in the summary section or embedded within the video.
*When embedding a Youtube video on your homepage or your company's website, if there is no credit written in the video,
Please write credit not only in the summary section but also at the top or bottom of the embedded video on the homepage or your company's website.

If you want to embed it in a video , please use a standard size and display. Expressions of speed or size that are difficult to see with the human eye are not permitted.

If you use it for slides , please write credit on the cover slide, the slide during audio playback, the summary slide at the end, etc.

If you are embedding it in a game or app , please include a credit so that users know that this is Ondoku's voice when using the audio.

The credit notation method for school listening tests and school broadcasts is different. Please check here.

Regardless of the usage, we do not allow credits that are not visible to the user, or that are too small or fast for the user to understand.

Please be sure to subscribe to a paid plan if you wish to use audio for applications that cannot be credited due to specifications, such as voice guidance, telephone support, use with IVR equipment (in-house), disaster prevention training, etc.

Also, be sure to continue subscribing to a paid plan while using voice.

If you cannot write credit or if you can only use the business plan, you will need to subscribe to the business plan. For more information, please see " Business Plan Detailed Information ."

When using Ondoku, please be sure to read the Terms of Use and follow the rules.

What is credit notation?

What is credit notation? Displaying the author's name and title of the work.

Please mark the audio created with Ondoku in such a way that anyone can clearly understand that it was created with Ondoku.

About Ondoku credit notation

Ondoku is a free service that can be used for commercial purposes.

In order to use it for free, we ask that customers be sure to provide Ondoku credit.

We would like many people to know about Ondoku's existence by providing credit.

On the other hand , if you use it for free but do not provide credit, it is a violation of the terms of use .

Please note that if you violate the Terms of Use, we will suspend your use of Ondoku, freeze your account, suspend the use of your audio, and in the case of malicious actions, we will take legal action.

Ondoku continues its service with the support of many users.

Request or want something like this! Ondoku's services will continue to evolve as we receive these requests.

Ondoku will continue to move into the future.

We appreciate your continued support so that we can continue to provide our services.

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