How to adjust the space and blank time by reading Ondoku [2 types]

Jan. 17, 2021

Welcome to Ondoku website.

One of the needs of those who use Ondoku is that "I want to make a little more period of time".

I don't really think about the time between conversations in everyday conversation, but when I read it on Ondoku, I realize again that it was very important.

What controls the world controls the world.

This time, I will introduce how to open the period of time.

If you want to adjust the "interval" that you want to open a little,

  1. Punctuation marks
  2. SSML

There are two types of adjustment methods.

Adjust spacing with punctuation

Adjusting the space between punctuation marks

  • ,
  • ..
  • ...

You can adjust the space slightly with punctuation marks such as.





There are people who try to adjust the space by typing punctuation many times, but it is honestly meaningless to use multiple punctuation.

The reason is that Ondoku is currently used by many people, from young to middle-aged, individuals and corporations.

Since everyone uses it as the word says, it is not certain to adjust the space by the number of punctuation marks, so some people may get an error.

Therefore, it is not designed to adjust the space according to the number of punctuation marks.

The small "tsu", "tsutsutsu", has the effect of lengthening the sense of contact.

However, I think that such a method that uses many punctuation marks is a wasteful act of meaninglessly consuming a large number of character counts.

Yes, it is difficult for Ondoku to keep a pause for more than a second with punctuation marks.

○ Seconds, when you want to make contact


If you want to make a certain contact, we recommend

It is a method of adjusting the space using a code called SSML .

What is SSML
SSML is a voice markup language. HTML is famous for the same markup language.

You might think "mark up something invisible?", but you can control the vocalization of a machine voice.

The way to write SSML is similar to HTML, so if you have made a homepage, you may understand it quickly.

What is Spoken Markup Language (SSML)? How to use the text reading software and a list of main codes.

If you want to make a space with SSML, write the code as follows.

To make the interval easier to understand, we have added a interval of 1 to 5 seconds.

S is an abbreviation for <break time="1s"/>seconds which represents seconds in English <break time="2s"/>
By increasing the number in front of S, you can take a longer interval of that part <break time="5s"/>
MS<break time="500ms"/> represents microseconds

Only two codes are needed to get the lead.

  1. <speak></speak>
  2. <break time="2s"/>


This code is necessary to support Ondoku that "this text uses SSML".

Please attach at the beginning and the end of the sentence respectively.

<break time="○s"/>

It is a code that means break time = break.

By inserting the number of your choice in the circle, you can make a space for the length.

S is an abbreviation for seconds in English.

MS stands for microseconds.

We introduced two types of ways to make contact with Ondoku.

SSML may seem difficult at first glance, but it's very easy to use. If you just want to get some period of time, this is the easiest and recommended method.

Please give it a try!

I'm Ondoku, a read aloud text online app. Read aloud for free up to 5000 characters Sentences are read aloud in high quality and can be downloaded as MP3. Also, commercial use is possible, so please use Ondoku.
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