Learn Japanese for free! How to effectively use YouTube video and text reading software

Jan. 17, 2021

Are you studying Japanese fast?

It is often said that Japanese is the most difficult to learn among many languages.

There are several reasons.

  • Many written characters
  • Many honorifics
  • Existence of adverbs, etc.

Writing characters are especially troublesome for many people. Japanese is different from the alphabet

  • Hiragana
  • Katakana
  • Chinese characters

There are many characters such as, and it is very difficult to remember them.

There are many things that you can understand by listening to the sound, but not by the letters.

If you go to a bookstore when studying Japanese, you will find a lot of textbooks.

It's very difficult to figure out what text is right for you.

Even if I buy it, it doesn't suit my way of studying. If it doesn't suit my level, I feel like I'm wasting money.

If you are going to study Japanese from now on, the first thing you want to do when studying Japanese is to learn the sounds.

What's more, you can start studying for free.

You don't have to buy useless textbooks, so you can start studying Japanese without waste!

Listen to the voice and learn Japanese

There are several ways to learn Japanese by sound.

  1. Study Japanese on YouTube
  2. Create original voice with text-to-speech software

Study Japanese on YouTube

The easiest is YouTube.

If you search for "learn japanese conversation" on YouTube, you will find many channels for learning Japanese in the search results.

There are many types of videos, such as those that teach Japanese from your own native language and those that teach Japanese from English.

It's a really convenient time, hasn't it?

Create original voice with text-to-speech software

The next recommendation is to create your own text.

Even in YouTube videos, there are videos that read out words intently, and there are videos that read out example sentences.

Many people convert any video to MP3 so that they can listen to it at any time.

However, it is quite difficult to meet the listening materials that I really want.

  • I want you to read only the words that you do not remember.
  • I want you to read the example sentences that you need now.

However, to say that you make your own listening materials

I had to ask someone who can speak native Japanese to say what I wanted them to do.

This is expensive and often doesn't give you the listening material you want.

Well, it has been difficult and almost impossible to make listening materials by yourself.

But now there are sites that make listening audio that's easier, cheaper, and quicker.

Its name is Ondoku .

With Ondoku, you can do it yourself

  • Favorite word
  • Favorite example sentence
  • Female voice
  • Male voice

A wide variety of customizations are possible.

What's more, the created audio can be easily downloaded as MP3 on the spot.

How to use Ondoku


Very easy to use.

Ondoku settings

  1. Visit Ondoku 's site
  2. Enter the text you want to read aloud in the text box
  3. Set the language / voice type, speaking speed, and voice pitch to your liking
  4. Press the read aloud button
  5. If you like it, download the audio from the "Download" button

Just do it.

It is simple and easy to understand.

In addition, Ondoku has a function that reads out the characters in the photo.

Ondoku image reading aloud

  • Click the image tab
  • Click "Select Image"
  • Select the photo you want to read aloud from your folder
  • Set the language / voice type, speaking speed, and voice pitch to your liking
  • Press the read aloud button
  • If you like it, download the audio from the "Download" button


Of course, handwritten characters are fine.

Sometimes there is a misrecognition, which can be corrected in the textbox.

I want to make listening materials that I want you to read aloud! At that time, it is a perfect site.

Japanese is a communication tool

Woman studying Japanese

Whether it's Japanese, English, or Chinese, words are a communication tool.

If you try to learn from the symbols you are writing, you may find it difficult and give up learning.

When you start studying, it is easier and easier to start by getting used to the sound.

For example, it is difficult to write the word "Thank you".

However, it is not so difficult to pronounce "thank you" or to hear and understand.

It is recommended that you start learning Japanese by listening to the sounds.

I'm Ondoku, a read aloud text online app. Read aloud for free up to 5000 characters Sentences are read aloud in high quality and can be downloaded as MP3. Also, commercial use is possible, so please use Ondoku.
HP: ondoku3.com
Email: ondoku3.com@gmail.com
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