List of posts related to text-to-speech software|Free online read text aloud app "Ondoku"

We will introduce the impressions and opinions actually received by Ondoku. Comments by email, YouTube, reviews of Google Chrome extensions, etc. Read more

Here are five recommended text-to-speech softwares that are popular in English-speaking countries. I will also introduce 5 sentence reading softwares that can be used for commercial use. Read more

When using Ondoku, sometimes an error occurs and you may not be able to read aloud. In that case, please contact Ondoku Customer Support. Read more

“Is it okay for multiple employees to use the same company account?” When a corporation shares an account among employees, 1 account can be used up tp 10 devices. Read more

Ondoku has discovered an error that sentences containing pictograms cannot be read aloud. Ondoku updates and corrects errors from customer error logs and inquiries. Read more

Ondoku has a fixed number of characters that can be used each month. Do you know when it will be updated? Do you know where to find the remaining number of characters? Read more

There are three types of paid plans for Ondoku. Is it possible to read as many characters as 2 novels? We will verify whether the Ondoku value plan covers about two novels. Read more

One of the needs of those who use Ondoku is that "I want to make a little more space". There are two types of adjustment methods: 1. Punctuation marks and 2. SSML Read more

Ondoku receives inquiries and requests from customers. I received a request that said when I make some corrections, I do not want to count the number of characters again. Read more

Ondoku is welcome to use for free however credit notation is required for free use. What will you do with the credit notation for free use of Ondoku this time? I will explain about it. Read more