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If you are going to study Japanese from now on, the first thing you want to do when studying Japanese is to learn the sounds. There are several ways to learn Japanese by sound. Study Japanese on YouTube Create original voice with text-to-speech software Read more

Since the number of characters that can be read aloud in a month is fixed, how the number of characters is counted is very important, isn't it? Do you count punctuation? How do you count in the case of alphabets such as English? How do you count in Chines Read more

What was the name of that sentence-reading site? I remember reading aloud ○○ ... Aloud-kun? No! It is different. The real name is ... Read more

I wanted to read English aloud with a male voice, and when I looked it up ... there wasn't a good one. Therefore, this time, we will introduce a sentence reading service that will read the recommended English aloud with a male voice. Moreover, it can be u Read more

Ondoku has a function that can be read aloud when an image is uploaded. This time, we have made a major update so that you can select and upload multiple images at once. Read more

When you listen to the voice of Google Translate, do you feel that the reading speed is a little faster? Therefore, I would like to recommend a service that slowly reads out English with native pronunciation. Moreover, it can be used free of charge. Read more

It's easy to imitate the pronunciation because if you listen to and read something that was difficult to pronounce by looking at it, you just imitate it. Therefore, this time, I will introduce a web service that makes it easier to read English words and s Read more

Even if you find that voice learning is good, when you are told that "the teaching materials you want to study are sold as audio for voice learning" ... often they are not sold. This time, I will introduce "How to make an audio file that allows you to lea Read more

Ondoku's split function is a function that allows you to split the audio once created at regular intervals and download each as a separate audio file. In this blog, I will introduce in detail how to use the split function. Read more

This is a frequently asked question from Ondoku, a text-to-speech software. Contract, cancellation. This is a collection of questions about choosing the best plan for you and how to use the created audio file. Read more