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Learn how to change your credit card with Ondoku payments. If you want to change your credit card, you need to go through the change procedure from the PayPal website. * If you have not registered for a PayPal account, you will not be able to change your Read more

This time, I will introduce a text-to-speech plug-in that converts the article you wrote into speech and reads it out loud. I will introduce how to install and use a convenient and interesting text-to-speech plug-in. Read more

Ondoku has 8 types of Japanese voice. Of course, male voices and female voices are available. We have made it possible to try out eight types of commonly used Japanese voices and the voices when adjusting the pitch of each voice. Read more

You can now download Ondoku audio in WAV format! However, you cannot download it in WAV format just by downloading it normally. How to download in WAV format I will introduce how to use WAV format. Read more

How long the text read by Ondoku and its voice data will be stored differs depending on the member. I will explain the reading history retention period and precautions for each member. Read more

There was a site that could easily play back English sentences with a native speaker's voice on your smartphone for free! It's very easy to operate. Moreover, there is a function that takes a picture, reads the English text of the picture without Read more

We will introduce the details of the updates made in February and March. Main update contents-Added new voice-Solved voice file error problem in Keita, Nanami, Takumi, Mizuki-Corrected wording of invoice Read more

You can use Speech Markup Language (SSML) to adjust the interval and change the reading. Read more

Did you notice that there are 19 additional voices in English? We will tell you about the appeal of Ondoku's new speaker voice, which is even easier to use. Read more

A lot of new audio has been added to Ondoku. This time, I will introduce in detail the two new Japanese voices. Read more