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Ondoku prohibits one person (one user) from owning or creating multiple free accounts. However, there are many people who inadvertently create more than one than I expected. Read more

There are three major updates made by Ondoku in August / September. Website Display in multiple languages Display recommended articles on the top page Fixed email unsubscribe link Read more

When I download the voice, I want another sentence, but the voice read out at the beginning is downloaded. Is this happening because it is a free member? Perhaps you have the same problem. I will show you how to solve it, so until the end Read more

There are three main possibilities of error if you cannot log in even though you have properly registered as a member. Incorrect email address Incorrect password Both email address and password are incorrect Read more

Ondoku is a new text-to-speech service that started in May 2020. There is no need to install software, and you can use it on the website. I will introduce the detailed usage of Ondoku. Read more

If you install the Ondoku extension on Google Chrome, you can read the specified part on the spot with the Ondoku extension. I will explain how to add Ondoku extension. Read more

We will introduce the impressions and opinions actually received by Ondoku. Comments by email, YouTube, reviews of Google Chrome extensions, etc. Read more

Here are five recommended text-to-speech softwares that are popular in English-speaking countries. I will also introduce 5 sentence reading softwares that can be used for commercial use. Read more

When using Ondoku, sometimes an error occurs and you may not be able to read aloud. In that case, please contact Ondoku Customer Support. Read more

“Is it okay for multiple employees to use the same company account?” When a corporation shares an account among employees, 1 account can be used up tp 10 devices. Read more