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Even if you find that voice learning is good, when you are told that "the teaching materials you want to study are sold as audio for voice learning" ... often they are not sold. This time, I will introduce "How to make an audio file that allows you to lea Read more

Ondoku's split function is a function that allows you to split the audio once created at regular intervals and download each as a separate audio file. In this blog, I will introduce in detail how to use the split function. Read more

This is a frequently asked question from Ondoku, a text-to-speech software. Contract, cancellation. This is a collection of questions about choosing the best plan for you and how to use the created audio file. Read more

Ondoku has a free plan that can be used for free and a paid plan that can be used from 980 yen. We will propose a plan that suits you by introducing some examples. Read more

I get an error message and can't download the audio I want. The sentence read aloud immediately before is downloaded. When I press the play button on the web, it sounds correct, but when I download it, the sound is interrupted. These three problems are ve Read more

Even when watching YouTube, it often feels easier to see a video with narrated audio than a video with only text telop. However, if you ask a professional voice actor, the fee will be high. Let's compare how much it costs to ask a voice actor or studio fo Read more

There are various causes, browser problems, internet problems, customer environment problems, errors caused by updating Ondoku, and server errors in the speech synthesis engine you are using. There are many causes. Here is a summary of the errors that are Read more

Yomi made a major update. "Dictionary" function is added. I will introduce how to use the dictionary function and details. Read more

Ondoku prohibits one person (one user) from owning or creating multiple free accounts. However, there are many people who inadvertently create more than one than I expected. Read more

There are three major updates made by Ondoku in August / September. Website Display in multiple languages Display recommended articles on the top page Fixed email unsubscribe link Read more