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Pronunciation confirmation is essential for smooth communication with native speakers of Indonesian and Javanese. Ondoku will be your strong ally at such times. Ondoku is a text-to-speech service that speaks the text you enter with native pronunciation. Read more

I want to chat with Indonesian friends in Indonesian! I want to learn phrases and communicate! We will introduce Indonesian greetings and daily conversation phrases that you can use right now for specific situations. Read more

Use Ondoku's audio for free for school broadcasts: You can use Ondoku's audio for free if you provide credit. We will explain in detail how to write credits. Read more

Introduces daily conversations in Chinese with audio materials. In addition, we will also introduce how to create original audio teaching materials, so please use them for your study. Read more

This is a notice of a major update. Ondoku is now adding more languages and speakers. With this update, 80 languages/dialects are now supported. This update supports 650 speakers. Read more

Here you can watch (try listen to) Ondoku's Korean audio. There are female and male voices. Please use it for narration, work training, presentations, learning, etc. Read more

Here you can watch (try listen to) Ondoku's Chinese audio. You can choose the Chinese audio from the following regional languages: Putonghua (Mainland China), Cantonese (Hong Kong), and Japanese (Taiwan). Voices include female, male, girl, and boy voi Read more

Ondoku is a site where you can read aloud and download sentences in both Chinese and Pinyin. If you use a smartphone, you can even have Chinese pronounced from a photo taken on the spot. Read more

When I read romaji with AI voice, it often doesn't pronounce it as expected. There are two ways to correctly pronounce romaji and coined English. Use Japanese voices Use phonics Read more

It is very easy to use AI voice to create foreign language voices. There is no need to ask someone who is fluent in a foreign language, no time is wasted in meetings or re-recordings, and no recording environment such as a microphone is required. Read more