How to use Ondoku's conversation/dialogue feature. Speech synthesis makes listening materials and writing long sentences more convenient!

July 29, 2022

How to use Ondoku's conversation/dialogue feature. Speech synthesis makes listening materials and writing long sentences more convenient!

Ondoku can be easily voiced by simply entering characters in the text box.

Not only can you listen to the read text on the spot, but you can also download it as an audio file (.mp3).

There have been requests for a long time, "I want a conversation function, a dialogue function."

This time, finally, the long-awaited conversation function has appeared!

Ondoku: Conversation feature page

In this article

  • Explanation of how to use the conversation function with images
  • Specific examples of how the conversation function can be used

I'm going to introduce you.

How to use Ondoku's Conversation feature

Using the conversation feature is very easy.

  1. set speaker
  2. Enter text in text box
  3. add a conversation
  4. Set the interval (interval) between conversations
  5. Read aloud/Download

That's it.

In order to use the speech synthesis and machine voice conversation functions of Ondoku, you need to register as a free member of Ondoku.

Please register as a free member and use it while logged in .

Click here for Ondoku free membership registration

The conversation function is available from the settings page after logging in.

Link to Ondoku conversation feature

I will explain in detail how to set it up and how to add a conversation.

Ondoku: Conversation feature page

1. set speaker

Set speaker for conversation function

When you use the conversation function for the first time, you will be asked to set the speaker first. A conversation cannot be created without a speaker set.

speaker settings

  • speaker name
  • language
  • speaker
  • speed
  • high and low

to your liking, and then "Register".

Make sure the speaker name is something you recognize and understand, so it's easier to use later when adding conversations.

By registering multiple speakers, you can have conversations between registered speakers.

Speaker settings can be edited or deleted from the speaker list page after setting.

2. Enter text in text box

Let's go back to the TOP page of the conversation function.

Ondoku: Conversation feature page

Create a conversation here.

  1. Select any speaker you registered earlier
  2. Enter text in text box

You now have one phrase.

Let's actually enter it.

Ondoku Conversation Feature


  • Assistant: This is Ondoku's Conversation feature page.
  • Male voice: Is it difficult to master the conversation function?
  • Assistant: No, it's very easy.
  • Male voice: How do I use the Conversation feature?
  • Assistant: Choose a speaker and enter letters in the text box.
    Add more text boxes by pressing "Add Next" or "Add Last" to add more conversations.
  • Male voice: Then I can use it too! I'll try.
  • Assistant: Yes, please try using it.

Recommended number of characters

How many characters to enter in the textbox

  • Normal time: 5000 characters
  • When using SSML code: 3000 characters

We recommend less than

Even if the recommended number of characters is exceeded, it can be read aloud, but errors are likely to occur and it may not be possible to read aloud.

3. add a conversation

add text box

Once you have one phrase, add the next phrase.

There are two ways to add a conversation.

  1. Add to
  2. add to the end

1. Add to

You can add a new text box directly below while keeping the settings of the "speaker" that you pressed the "Add next" button.

2. add to the end

You can add a new text box at the very end while maintaining the settings of the "speaker" by pressing the "Add to the end" button.

The text boxes can be moved one by one by pressing the ▲▼ buttons.

Move text box

4. Set the interval (interval) between conversations

Interval setting

In the conversation function, you can set the interval (distance) between one phrase.

  • Interval: ○○ms

Please put any number in ○○.

ms = milliseconds.

1 second = 1000 seconds
If you want to insert a gap of 3.5 seconds, enter "3500".

Even in everyday conversation, it is rare for Mr. B to speak immediately after Mr. A has spoken. By putting in an appropriate interval, it becomes a natural conversation.

Spacing can be set for each phrase.

5. Read aloud/Download

Speech button for conversation function

Once you have entered all the phrases, press the read aloud button. Now you can read aloud as one audio file. Also, MP3 files can be downloaded as one MP3 file.

How to consume characters when editing

Up until now, when Ondoku read aloud, if you edited even one character and pressed the read aloud button again, all the characters would be consumed and read aloud again.

However, if you use the conversation function

  • If you edit only one phrase,
  • Consume only the number of characters for one phrase and read aloud

And so on, you can save the consumption of the number of characters.


  • Phrase 1: 300 characters
  • Phrase 2: 100 characters

Consumed characters = 400 characters

Phrase 2: Edit to only 200 characters ⇒ Read aloud

  • Phrase 1: 300 characters
  • Phrase 2: 200 characters

The total number of characters is 500 characters, but only 200 new characters of Phrase 2 are consumed and read aloud.

Concrete use case of conversation function

Using the conversation function

  • Dialogue conversation with multiple people, such as 2 or 3 people
  • Speech in multiple languages such as Japanese and English at once
  • Speech a tremendously long sentence at once

You can use it in various ways.

Dialogue conversation with multiple people, such as 2 or 3 people


  • Slow commentary and slow farce videos
  • Conversational audio for presentations

It makes it easier to create audio for two-person dialogue videos such as slow commentary and slow farce.
In addition to dialogues between two people, you can create dialogues with more than one person, such as 10 or 20 people, or virtually any number of people.
Depending on the idea, the possibilities have expanded.

Speech in multiple languages such as Japanese and English at once


  • listening materials
  • Multilingual manual

Listening materials (English → Japanese → English → Japanese) will be easier to make.
Until now, you could only read in one language at a time. Therefore, it was necessary to change the settings one by one to read something like listening materials.
However, if you use the conversation function, you can read aloud in multiple languages at once.
Of course, not only English, but also Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., any language and any speaker can be played as one MP3.

Speech a tremendously long sentence at once


  • proofreading work
  • audio book

Makes it easier to create audiobooks.
You can avoid the error-prone problem if you exceed Ondoku's recommended character count. Long sentences can be converted to speech at once and can be downloaded as one MP3.

Ondoku's conversation function has infinite possibilities depending on how you use it.

It may seem a little difficult at first, but it's easier than you think. Giving birth is easier than worrying. First, try using the conversation function.

It's a fun feature that can be used in many ways!

Please use Ondoku's conversation function to help you with your new challenges.

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