The real name of the reading aloud service is ...!

Feb. 4, 2021

The real name of the reading aloud service is ...!

What was the name of that sentence-reading site? I remember reading aloud ○○ ...

Read aloud?

There are quite a lot of people who think that.

Even in the actual inquiry email

"I'm using the service of Reading Aloud."

Some people think that the service name is "Reading aloud" and make inquiries.

It's hard to remember the name of a service correctly, isn't it?

Read aloud? Ondoku?

Reading aloud

Actually, the name of the text-to-speech site of this service is Ondoku .

A common mistake is

  • Reading aloud
  • Reading aloud
  • Read aloud
  • Speech synthesis


A little regrettable ...! There are quite a few names like.

In particular, it seems that the name of [Ondoku] is often mistaken for the title.

It's complicated, like San, Kun, and so on.

Difficult to remember the name of the service

There are many similar services and names out there, and it's difficult to remember exactly.

I myself am not good at remembering people's names and service names.

Especially, I am not good at memorizing the names of the three alphabets.

During this time, I was confused about "LED light bulbs" at an electric shop by saying "I want an LTE light bulb ...".

It's complicated ...

That's why the service name of the text-to-speech site is Ondoku.

I hope you will take this opportunity to remember it.

Ondoku is a simple and easy-to-use text-to-speech site.


Moreover, it can be used for free and is very convenient!

Please come and visit us.

Ondoku is proud to be the best text-to-speech service for you from now on.

Text-to-speech software "Ondoku" can read out 5000 characters every month with AI voice for free. You can easily download MP3s and commercial use is also possible. There are many useful functions such as an extension function ( Ondoku3-ChatGPT ) that allows you to talk with ChatGPT for free. Please use Ondoku.
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