Convenient usage and precautions for multilingual AI voice

Sept. 29, 2023

Convenient usage and precautions for multilingual AI voice

Nowadays, the evolution of technology is remarkable.

AI voice has also evolved further, and a single speaker can now speak a variety of languages.

This time, we will introduce useful ways to use multilingual AI voice that supports multiple languages, as well as precautions to be taken.

Multilingual audio

Ondoku has multilingual voices that can speak various languages. My name is Jenny.

Jenny can speak various languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic .

Audio samples of actual multilingual readings

I will show you how Jenny can actually speak.

Multilingual speakers allow you to input text in multiple languages and read it out loud in each language's native pronunciation .

"Thank you" in English
``Thank you'' in Chinese 谢谢 ``Thank you'' in Spanish Gracias
"Thank you" in French Merci
"Thank you" in German Danke schön
"Thank you" in Italian Grazie
"Thank you" in Russian
"Thank you" in Arabic

Setting 1

High/Low: 0

High/Low: 10

High/Low: -10

When the height changes, the impression changes drastically. Please listen and compare.

Convenient ways to use multilingual AI voice

Voices that correspond to different languages are useful in a variety of situations.

  • Multilingual guides: Audio guides at tourist attractions and museums. Provide instructions in multiple languages with the same speaker's voice.
  • eLearning: Online educational content that allows you to offer a single video or audio course in multiple languages.
  • Language learning: Can be used as a resource for learners to compare and learn their native and target languages.
  • Customer support: Provide support in your customers' native language with an automated phone or chatbot response.
  • Entertainment: Dubbing movies, anime, and games into multiple languages.
  • Audio guidance for apps and websites: Provide multilingual UI audio guidance and help.
  • Audiobooks: You can generate audiobooks in multiple languages with the same speaker's voice.

Various other uses can also be envisaged.

Please use AI voice skillfully and use it in a way that is convenient for you.

Points to note about multilingual AI voice

Jenny is a multilingual voice model.

Due to its characteristics, pronunciation accuracy may vary when compared to voice models specialized for a specific language.

for example,

In the case of a language with a unique pronunciation such as Vietnamese, the pronunciation of the words may be distorted by the English pronunciation.

If accurate pronunciation is required, we recommend a dedicated voice model (e.g. HoaiMy or NamMinh).

There are also other languages that are currently not supported.

Languages spoken in the world with fewer speakers tend to be unsupported.

Please note that we cannot support all languages.

Expand your world with multilingual audio

Usually, when you want to study and master one language,

Total study time 1,000-3,000 hours

It is said that it is necessary.

It is difficult to speak just two languages, but to become able to speak three or more languages requires a huge amount of time to study.

Furthermore, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to be able to pronounce and speak at a native level.

I can't find time to study like that...

AI voice comes into play in such situations.

Your work and study partner.

We hope that you will use AI voice to expand your career and the world.

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