[Free] A site where you can natively pronounce and read English sentences aloud [Easy to copy and paste]

Sept. 6, 2023

[Free] A site where you can natively pronounce and read English sentences aloud [Easy to copy and paste]

Trouble with English reading aloud and pronunciation practice

"How do you pronounce this English sentence when you study English?"
"I can understand the meaning of English, but I can't pronounce it."
"It's troublesome to find and listen to the audio from the CD one by one."

Is that not the case?

It would be nice to be able to understand the native pronunciation just by looking at the English sentences, but that is not the case.

However, it would be convenient if you could easily convert English sentences into a native voice and play them on your smartphone.

Moreover, there is a function that takes a picture, reads the English text of the picture without permission, and converts it into voice.

Since there is such a very convenient site, I will introduce it to you who are working hard to study English every day.

Copy and paste is OK! Read English like a native

The site that pronounces your original English sentences and textbook English sentences like a native



How to use Ondoku


It's very easy to use.

  1. Visit Ondoku
  2. Select language as English
  3. Copy and paste or type the English text into the text box
  4. click the read button

With just this, you can read English sentences with native pronunciation.

What's more, you can download the read audio file as an mp3 file .

If you download it on your smartphone, you can listen to it repeatedly at any time, so you can use it in various ways, such as studying during the free time between commuting to work or school.

  • No free membership registration: 1000 characters per month
  • Free membership registration: 5000 characters free per month

can be used in If you just want to read this sentence aloud in native pronunciation, it's free and totally fine.

If you want to use more than that, we offer paid memberships such as 200,000 characters: 980 yen per month.

Can be read in various voices


There are many types of voice,

  • male
  • woman
  • genderless
  • boy (child)
  • girl (child)

And so on. There are over 67 different voice types, so you can read the text in your favorite voice.

Listen to real audio

Let's listen to some audio and compare.

Here is the English reading

Hello, I'm Ondoku. Let's enjoy studying English together.

There are 38 different phonetic types in American English alone.

You can almost hear his breathing, so please give it a listen.


AIGenerate1: Male

AIGenerate2: Male

Amber: Female

Ana: Girl

Aria: Female

Ashley: Female

Blue: Genderless

Brandon: Male

Christopher: Male

Cora: Female

Davis: Male

Elizabeth: female

Eric: Male

Guy: Male

Ivy: Girl

Jacob: Male

Jane: Female

Jason: Male

Jenny: Female

Jenny Multilingual: Female

Jenny Multilingual V2: Female

Joanna: Female

Joey: Male

Justin: boy

Kendra: Female

Kimberly: Female

Kevin: boy

Matthew: Male

Michelle: Female

Monica: Female

Nancy: Female

Roger: Male

Ryan Multilingual: Male

Salli: female

Sara: Female

Steffan: Male

Tony: Male

en-US-A: Male

en-US-B: Male

en-US-C: Female

en-US-D: Male

en-US-E: Female

en-US-F: Female

Sally: Female

Is this really machine voice? Someone's talking, isn't it?

It's so perfect that you can't help but wonder.

For English with other accents (British, Australian, Indian) you can listen to sample audio from this page.

Listen to Ondoku's English sentence reading

Reads out text from photos (images)


When you want to read sentences written in textbooks or books, it is a painstaking task to manually type in unfamiliar English sentences.

Ondoku can eliminate that hassle!

  1. Visit Ondoku 's site
  2. Click on the image tab
  3. Upload the image you want to read aloud
  4. Click the read button

Just by doing this, it will read out the English sentence from the image in a native voice.

It's a very useful feature, so try it out now.

You can choose the pronunciation such as American English, British, Australian English, etc.

Moreover, American English is not the only language that can be pronounced.

You can also choose from British English, Australian English, and Indian English!

Even if the words are the same in English, they are pronounced differently in different countries.

It makes it easy to pronounce the country,

"I want to know how to pronounce British...I don't know what to do."

There is no need to worry about such things.

You can learn Australian pronunciation before studying in Australia. You can learn British pronunciation before studying abroad in the UK.

When I go to that country, the English pronunciation is different from the English I learned, and I can't pick up the words, which is a difficult point. So, being able to read aloud in English from various countries is a very convenient feature.

Can be read quickly or read slowly


When studying pronunciation, have you ever had the experience of being unable to pronounce well because the voice being read aloud was too fast?

"I want you to speak a little more slowly."
"Isn't there slow playback?"

Ondoku allows you to change the speed of your voice.

speed slide bar

  • If you move it to the left , it will slow down.
  • Move it to the right to speak faster


  • You can have English read aloud at the speed you want to read aloud.
  • Moreover, the voice is native.
  • You can also download it as an MP3 file.

There are not many other functions that can read such a useful text aloud!

Is the pronunciation of Ondoku properly native?

I asked my English-speaking friends to listen to the audio I made with Ondoku.

"What's wrong with this voice? Did you ask your American friend to pronounce it?"

"No, I made a voice on a site called Ondoku!"

"That's right. I was surprised because it sounded like Americans were really talking ."

And, Ondoku's English seems to reproduce the native pronunciation enough to surprise even native-speaking friends .

It is a perfect site for studying English and learning English conversation.

Use a text-to-speech site to improve your English study


Until now, it was difficult to know the native pronunciation of the English sentences I wanted to read.

However, by using a text-to-speech site, it is now possible to easily know how native speakers pronounce English.

There's no reason not to use this!

If you want to listen to audio over and over again, you can download it and listen to it anytime, anywhere.

Perfect for learning English through shadowing.

Native pronunciation is difficult to understand just by looking at English sentences.

There are many things that I can't imagine in my head, such as intonation, blending, and silent T.

Seeing is believing.

Use the text-to-speech site [ Ondoku ] that you can use for free, and read out the English sentences you want to know the pronunciation of.

Text-to-speech software "Ondoku" can read out 5000 characters every month with AI voice for free. You can easily download MP3s and commercial use is also possible. If you sign up for free, you can convert up to 5,000 characters per month for free from text to speech. Try Ondoku now.
HP: ondoku3.com
Email: ondoku3.com@gmail.com
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