A site that reads English slowly with native pronunciation [MP3 download]

Sept. 7, 2023

A site that reads English slowly with native pronunciation [MP3 download]

Google Translate has a function that reads out English. It is very convenient when you want to listen to voice quickly. It's a good time!

However, when you listen to the voice of Google Translate, don't you feel that the reading speed is a little fast ?

If you have just started studying English, it can be difficult to pronounce if you are not used to English.

  • Could you read your English a little more slowly?
  • Is there an app that reads English slowly?

There are many people who are worried about this.

So what I would like to recommend this time is a service that reads English slowly with native pronunciation .

And you can use it for free.

A great site that everyone who is trying hard to learn English should know!

I will introduce it in detail.

Google Translate doesn't read English slowly

Google Translate also has a function that reads out the English text you type when you press the speaker button.

But Google Translate and major English dictionary sites

  • Type of voice (female, male, child)
  • pitch or pitch of voice
  • reading speed

It is not possible to adjust detailed settings such as

This is seriously difficult.

There are quite a lot of people who want English to be read aloud more slowly or in a male or female voice.

A site that reads English slowly with native pronunciation

We recommend a text reading site called Ondoku .

Very easy to use.

  • Enter the text you want to read in the text box on the site.
  • Press the read button.

Just do this and it will read out loud in native English.

You can set detailed settings such as language, reading speed, voice type, and voice pitch to suit your preferences.

I actually tried reading out some English sentences slowly.

All speeds are set to 0.5x. I can clearly see that you are reading slowly.

The reading speed can be adjusted from 0.1x to 4x speed.

You can adjust the reading to your liking in 0.1 increments, from slow reading to very fast reading.

So, at first, read the English slowly and once you get used to it, read it at a normal speed.

You can do whatever you want.

There are various situations where it is useful, such as when you want to listen carefully to each syllable, or when shadowing English sentences that contain difficult words.

The type of voice

  • male
  • woman
  • girl
  • boy
  • genderless

There are also a wide variety of audio types. It also supports accents, and you can choose between British English and American English.

Another great feature is that you can choose the audio that is easy for you to listen to.

Listen to audio>> English sample audio (67 types)

Textbooks and handouts can also be read aloud.

Hidden useful functions of Ondoku

This is a function that reads aloud when an image is uploaded .

This is a feature that allows you to read out aloud images taken with a smartphone, etc.

You can take pictures of picture books, books, textbooks, etc. and read them out loud on Ondoku.

This feature instantly solves the problem of ``I don't know what to read'' when teaching English to children at home or reading English textbooks.

What's more, you don't have to enter each word by yourself, so it's very convenient and hassle-free.

[How to use the image → text reading function]

Ondoku's text reading function from images

  1. Access the Ondoku top page
  2. There are tabs for “Text” and “Image” above the text box.
  3. Click the “Image” tab
  4. Click on image upload and select your favorite image *If you are using a smartphone, you can also start the camera here and take a photo directly.
  5. After selecting an image, adjust the reading speed and height.
  6. Click the read button

Then, in a few seconds, the image will be analyzed and read out aloud.

After loading the image, the recognized characters will be displayed in the text box.

If there is a recognition error and the reading is strange, you can edit it here.

Detailed instructions on how to use it are introduced here.

How to use Ondoku's image reading function

Pronunciation practice is essential for learning English.

By using these English text reading services, you will be able to study even more.

Please try the method of reading English slowly with Ondoku!

Text-to-speech software "Ondoku" can read out 5000 characters every month with AI voice for free. You can easily download MP3s and commercial use is also possible. If you sign up for free, you can convert up to 5,000 characters per month for free from text to speech. Try Ondoku now.
HP: ondoku3.com
Email: ondoku3.com@gmail.com
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