Ondokutext-to-speech: list of language support for text-to-speech

July 31, 2023

Ondokutext-to-speech: list of language support for text-to-speech

Ondoku currently speaks 80 languages and dialects, including English, Chinese, French, Italian, and Japanese.

The total number of speakers exceeds 650.

Here is a list of languages that Ondoku can read aloud.

The language displayed in the "Language" pull-down on the Ondoku TOP page is the local language. In this article, each language notation is done in its own language .

"I want to make materials for training for foreigners, but which language is ○○?"
If you are worried about it, you can solve it in this article!

List of languages read aloud by Ondoku

If you are having trouble finding the language you are looking for, please use the on-page search.

In-page search method

  • Windows: Control+F
  • For Mac: command(⌘)+F

Please display the search box and search.

display name language notation
Afrikaans (South Africa) Afrikaans (South Africa)
Azerbaijani (Latin, Azerbaijan) Azerbaijani (Latin, Azerbaijan)
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Catalan (Spain) Catalan (Spain)
Welsh (British) Welsh (British)
Danish (Denmark) Danish (Denmark)
German (Germany) German (Germany)
English (Australia) English (Australia)
English (India) English (India)
English (United States) English (United States)
English (UK) English (UK)
Spanish (US) Spanish (US)
Spanish (Spain) Spanish (Spain)
Spanish (Mexico) Spanish (Mexico)
Filipino (Philippines) Filipino (Philippines)
French (Canada) French (Canada)
French (France) French (France)
Irish (Ireland) Irish (Ireland)
Galician Galician
Croatian (Croatia) Croatian (Croatia)
Indonesian (Indonesia) Indonesian (Indonesia)
Italian (Italy) Italian (Italy)
Javanese (Latin, Indonesia) Javanese (Latin, Indonesia)
Latvian (Latvia) Latvian (Latvia)
Lithuanian (Lithuania) Lithuanian (Lithuania)
Hungarian (Hungary) Hungarian (Hungary)
Maltese (Malta) Maltese (Malta)
Malay (Malaysia) Malay (Malaysia)
Dutch (Netherlands) Dutch (Netherlands)
Norwegian (Norway) Norwegian (Norway)
Polish (Poland) Polish (Poland)
Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal)
Romanian (Romania) Romanian (Romania)
Slovak (Slovakia) Slovak (Slovakia)
Slovenian (Slovenia) Slovenian (Slovenia)
Somali (Somalia) Somali (Somalia)
Finnish (Finland) Finnish (Finland)
Swedish (Sweden) Swedish (Sweden)
Turkish (Turkey) Turkish (Turkey)
Urdu (India) Urdu (India)
Urdu (Pakistan) Urdu (Pakistan)
Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan) Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan)
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Vietnamese (Vietnam)
Icelandic (Iceland) Icelandic (Iceland)
Czech (Czech Republic) Czech (Czech Republic)
Greek (Greece) Greek (Greece)
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
Macedonian (North Macedonia) Macedonian (North Macedonia)
Mongolian (Mongolia) Mongolian (Mongolia)
Russian (Russia) Russian (Russia)
Ukrainian (Ukraine) Ukrainian (Ukraine)
Kazakh (Kazakhstan) Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
Armenian (Armenia) Armenian (Armenia)
Hebrew (Israel) Hebrew (Israel)
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Egypt)
Arabic Arabic
Persian (Iran) Persian (Iran)
Pashto (Afghanistan) Pashto (Afghanistan)
Nepali (Nepal) Nepali (Nepal)
Marathi (India) Marathi (India)
Hindi (India) Hindi (India)
Bengali (Bangladesh) Bengali (Bangladesh)
Bengali (India) Bengali (India)
Gujarati (India) Gujarati (India)
Tamil (India) Tamil (India)
Kannada (India) Kannada (India)
Malayalam (India) Malayalam (India)
Thai (Thailand) Thai (Thailand)
Lao (Laos) Lao (Laos)
Burmese (Myanmar) Burmese (Myanmar)
Georgian (Georgia) Georgian (Georgia)
Amharic (Ethiopia) Amharic (Ethiopia)
Khmer (Cambodia) Khmer (Cambodia)
Chinese (Taiwan) Chinese (Taiwan)
Cantonese (Hong Kong) Cantonese (Hong Kong)
Japanese (Japan) Japanese (Japan)
Mandarin Chinese (Mainland China) Mandarin Chinese (Mainland China)
Korean (Korea) Korean (Korea)

As of 2023/07/31

Ondoku allows you to input text in the text box and convert it to voice and read it aloud.

What's more, Ondoku supports reading languages from all over the world .

How to change the reading language

list of languages

Change the reading language

  1. Under the TOP page text box,
  2. Click the "Language" dropdown

Then the language will be displayed and you can change it.

You can search for your favorite speaker in the language you want to read, or have it pronounce words that you cannot pronounce yourself.

  • listening materials
  • Training materials for foreigners

It can be used in various scenes such as.

There is also a reading (conversation function) that makes you feel like you are having a conversation by reading sentences in order using multiple languages and voices, so you can use it in various situations.

Related article >> How to use Ondoku's conversation/interactive feature. Speech synthesis makes listening materials and writing long sentences more convenient!

In addition, some languages have audio preview pages. Please take advantage of it.

Ondoku will continue to update languages and speakers. looking forward to!

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