Must-see for those who want to use voice-reading software without installing! 6 reading aloud sites and methods

Jan. 17, 2021

Must-see for those who want to use voice-reading software without installing! 6 reading aloud sites and methods

When I try to install voice-reading software

  • PC's OS doesn't match
  • Installation work is troublesome
  • It cannot be installed because it is a smartphone

There are various annoyances.

If it is possible, you want to use voice-reading software that does not require installation.

How many softwares are there in the world you can use without installing?

There are three main voice-reading softwares that can be used without installation.

This time, we will introduce reading aloud softwares that does not require installation, and 3 settings that allow you to use without installing .

3 sites that can read aloud without installation

It is mainly these three websites that can read aloud without installation.

  1. Ondoku
  2. Yukumo!
  3. Text-to-speech reader

The other three methods are

  • Android device (smartphone/tablet)
    Selecting and reading aloud function
  • iOS (iPhone iPad, etc.)
    Making speech function
  • Mac (MacBook, iMac, etc.)
    Making speech function

Some of them are already equipped in the devices.



The free reading range is wide, the sound quality is pretty high, and it is easy to hear.

Since it can be used on  homepage, there is no need to install on your computer or smartphone. You can easily use it anywhere.

It has a wide range of multilingual supports over 30 countries. The created audio can be downloaded immediately in MP3 format.

It can also be used for commercial purposes.

When using for commercial use, the credit notation is mandatory in all cases for free members. If you are a paid member, you do not need to write credits.




This is a free voice-to-speech website that is created by Aquest (using the voice synthesis library "AquesTalk").

You can read it out in a so-called "slowly" voice.

All are provided free of charge for personal use, except for commercial use.

In order to use it for business or commercial purposes, you have to pay the license fee at AQuest Co., Ltd.



Yukumo! You can speak up to 140 text characters.

If it is longer than that, it will be restricted and you will not be able to read aloud.   It is convenient for

  • People who want to enjoy slow audio,
  • Reading short sentences of up to 140 characters

Text-to-speech reader

Text-to-speech reader

  • Mac OS standard software, "Kyoko"
  • Andoroid reading voice

This is a voice-to-speech site where you can read aloud at.

Since there is no description about commercial use, it seems necessary to inquire if you can use.

Text-to-speech reader


However, the text-to-speech reader seems to have some bugs.

When you try to download, it stops at the loading screen.

It's a bit annoying for anyone who wants to download and use audio.

Android device

With a little setting on Android devices, you can read aloud by using only standard software.

However, in this case, it is necessary to install the settings and application.

How to set

[Settings] → [Accessibility] → [Text to Speech] → [Select desired voice]

The voice is

  1. Voice I
  2. Voice II
  3. Voice III
  4. Voice Ⅳ
  5. Voice V

There are 5 types, so let's choose the one you like.

After this, you have to install an application such as Talk and read the text you want to read.

iOS (iPhone iPad, etc.) standard speech function

On iOS, you can read aloud by using only standard software.

You can also read aloud with Siri on iOS. I'm jealous because I can't do it on a Mac!

The type of voice is

  • Voice of a Japanese woman called "Kyoko"
  • Voice of Japanese man called "Otoya"
  • "Siri"
  • "Siri (male)"

How to set is

[System Preferences] → [Accessibility] → [Speech]

You can try it on your iPhone or iPad, so please give it a try.

Mac OS standard speech

You can read aloud on Mac only with OS X Yosemite (10.9) or later by using only OS standard software.

The smoothness of reading is given to the Ondoku, but it is easier to hear than the slow voice and the voice on the text-reading reader.

The type of voice is

  • Voice of a Japanese woman called "Kyoko"
  • Voice of Japanese man called "Otoya"

How to set

[System Preferences] → [Accessibility] → [Speech]

You can try it on your Mac, so please try it out.

Woman who wants to read aloud without installing

This time, I introduced a method that can be used without any installation of voice reading software.

I am happy if I could  help you a little bit.

There were several types when I searched for it, so please use it according to your taste.

The voice reading software is not perfect yet, and sometimes the voice reading software makes a mistake reading.

But now it is more like a human than it was five years ago.

As long as voice reading software continues to be developed, the quality of voice reading will be continued to improve.

It is important that many people use it and realize that it is a "necessary software".

If you like reading aloud, please recommend it to others.

I will continue to do my best to read wonderful voice.

If you don't mind, please try using Ondoku.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Text-to-speech software "Ondoku" can read out 5000 characters every month with AI voice for free. You can easily download MP3s and commercial use is also possible. If you sign up for free, you can convert up to 5,000 characters per month for free from text to speech. Try Ondoku now.
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