Advantages and disadvantages of using text-to-speech software for text review and confirmation

Jan. 17, 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of using text-to-speech software for text review and confirmation

Typographical errors are a very important issue for writers and editors.

And again, this typographical error is often overlooked no matter how many times you check.

I am also a web writer.

I always review  many times before submitting, but when I read it to myself, I do not notice typographical errors.

In the end, the reader pointed out that I'm wrong.

I would like to avoid such a situation as possible.

This time, I will introduce two advantages of using text-to-speech software for reviewing and checking.

The advantage of using text-to-speech software for editing.

Afternoon to write

This has two benefits.

  1. It is easy to notice typographical errors when listening to the voice,
  2. Speed adjustment improves efficiency

First, I will introduce the first merit.

It is easy to notice typographical errors when listening to the voice.

It is hard to notice typographical errors when you read a sentence silently.

Human beings have a very strong conviction, and in particular, I often read the sentences by thinking that I wrote them in this way.

This makes it more difficult to notice small typographical errors.

By reading aloud, you can remove this assumption. It is easier to notice mistakes when someone asks you to read it than you read it to yourself.

For example,

"It's a nice day today, so let's take a walk to a nearby park."

Try to write

"If it's a nice day today, let's go for a walk to a nearby park."

Let's say

There are two mistakes, but if you think of other long sentences, it will be hard to notice these mistakes.

This phenomenon is called the typoglycemia effect.

Typoglycemia is a phenomenon in which some words in a sentence can be read correctly even if the order is changed except for the first and last letters.

Quotation source: Wikipedia

When I follow a letter with my eyes, I often miss it because of this principle.

However, if you read it aloud, you can notice the mistake in a moment.

Please try listening by voice.

Speed adjustment improves efficiency.

With text-to-speech software, you can adjust the speed according to the speed you want to read.

If you are unfamiliar, it is good to carefully review at 1x speed, and if you get used to it, you can check at 1.5x speed or 2x speed to improve work efficiency.

It's easier to customize your text-reading software than you think.

Easy to share links.

This is a feature of Ondoku only, but you can easily share the text reading data that you have finished reviewing on SNS or blogs.

By listening to the audio on a blog, the added value of the blog will increase.

You can approach even the readers who have been missed to read letters until now, making it easier to target new targets and markets.

Disadvantages of using text-to-speech software

A woman annoyed in front of a computer

There are two main disadvantages when using a text-to-speech software to perform reviewer confirmation work.

  1. Makig a reading mistake
  2. Typo in homophones is hard to find

What are the specific disadvantages?

Making a reading mistake

Some of the current text-reading software may make a reading error.

You can register the dictionary yourself or write the part that seems to be misread by writing in hiragana, but it takes time.

Characters that you are not good at reading text software, for example,

  • Numbers,
  • symbol,
  • Some kanji


"I want you to make this HP design cute☆"

If the sentence is

"I want you to look cute on this homepage"

In contrast to text-reading software,

"I want you to make this HP design cute."

It is important to note that text-reading software often causes such minor reading errors.

Typo in homophones is hard to find.

Also, it is difficult to find typos in homonyms by reading aloud with text-to-speech software.

Since it is only heard as "voice", if it is read in the same kanji, it will be read as "voice" as well.

You must find homonyms by yourself.

Points for reviewing using text-to-speech software.

When reviewing with text-to-speech software, you need to pay attention to the number of characters that can be used.

If you read a long sentence many times, the available characters will decrease.

For blogs, instead of reading the entire sentences, you can read each headline to reduce the number of characters used, even if you read it many times.

You should use text-to-speech software for text review.

Although it is not perfect with text-to-speech software, you can definitely improve work efficiency.

Ondoku is a free text-to-speech software.

Also, rather than the machine-sounding sound of a long time ago, it is spoken in a fairly smooth voice.

It works and it's hard to get tired, so I think that the impression of your text-to-speech software will definitely change.

Please give it a try.

We hope we could help you with your review and verification efforts.

■ AI voice synthesis software "Ondoku"

"Ondoku" is an online text-to-speech tool that can be used with no initial costs.

  • Supports approximately 50 languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, and German
  • Available from both PC and smartphone
  • Suitable for business, education, entertainment, etc.
  • No installation required, can be used immediately from your browser
  • Supports reading from images

To use it, simply enter text or upload a file on the site. A natural-sounding audio file will be generated within seconds. You can use voice synthesis up to 5,000 characters for free, so please give it a try.

Text-to-speech software "Ondoku" can read out 5000 characters every month with AI voice for free. You can easily download MP3s and commercial use is also possible. If you sign up for free, you can convert up to 5,000 characters per month for free from text to speech. Try Ondoku now.
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