[Update] Detailed explanation of 19 new voices in English. Added 61 new voices in 29 languages!

March 13, 2021

A lot of new audio has been added to Ondoku.
Haven't tried it yet? Mottainai! Please, try it.

Ondoku is a text-to-speech service that you can use for free.

There are 29 new languages with voice added.

The number of newly added audio is
61 speakers in total

We will tell you about the attractiveness of Ondoku's new speaker voice, which is even easier to use.

This time, 61 voices have been added.

Click here for details on the new Japanese voice

[Update] Detailed explanation of 2 Japanese voices

19 voices added in English

The particularly enhanced language is English.

English US: 9
English (Australian): 3
English (British): 4
English (Indian): 2
English (Welsh): 2

A total of 19 voices have been added.

This time, we will introduce the newly introduced English voice in detail.

About the newly introduced English voice

Her mouse

This time, nine new voices have been added in English (American English). Let's take a closer look at these nine voices that many will be interested in.

The names and voice types are as follows.

  • Ivy: Girl
  • Joanna: Female
  • Kendra: Women
  • Kimberly: Women
  • Sally: Women
  • Joey: Male
  • Justin: Boy
  • Kevin: Boy
  • Matthen: Male


So in English (American English)

  • 2 men
  • 4 women
  • 2 boys
  • 1 girl

Voices have been added.

Each voice is as if a person is really speaking, and each of the nine has its own personality.

The addition of children's voices is also a new change.

Let's ask what kind of voice it actually is.

Let's listen to the actual voice

Gril is reading

This is the sentence that was read aloud.

Hello, I'm Ondoku. Let's enjoy studying English together.

It's a voice that sounds like you can even breathe, so please listen to it.

Ivy: Girl

Joanna: Female

Kendra: Women

Kimberly: Women

Sally: Women

Joey: Male

Justin: Boy

Kevin: Boy

Matthen: Male

Is this really machine voice? Isn't someone talking?

It is a perfection that makes you want to doubt.

With this level of accuracy, I feel that Ondoku's voice can be used in a variety of situations.

With the addition of new voice

  • Interaction between characters
  • Challenge to new ideas
  • Changes in usage scenes
  • Create Youtube videos in English

Various activities are expected.

How do you use these nine voices?

I feel that a new era is being opened up by utilizing AI.

In this way, Ondoku makes various updates every day.

How was this update?

I am happy to continue to be the best text-to-speech service for you.

I'm Ondoku, a read aloud text online app. Read aloud for free up to 5000 characters Sentences are read aloud in high quality and can be downloaded as MP3. Also, commercial use is possible, so please use Ondoku.
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