[Update] How to download Ondoku audio file in WAV format

May 24, 2021

[Update] How to download Ondoku audio file in WAV format

The download function of Ondoku has been enhanced.

You can now download it in WAV format as well.

However, you cannot download it in WAV format just by downloading it normally.

  • How to download in WAV format
  • How to use WAV format, etc.

Introducing the details of the power-up Ondoku download function.

How to download WAV format in Ondoku

Until now, ondoku has only downloaded audio in mp3 format.

However, with this update, it is now possible to download in WAV format as well.

However, the download location is limited.

WAV format files can be downloaded from the history .

Ondoku WAV format download

In the list of read aloud history

Creation date In the voice quality download item

  1. There is an MP3 / WAV link.
  2. If you want to download WAV format, click WAV here.

With just this, you can download WAV format audio.

Until now, it was only compatible with MP3, so if you needed WAV format audio, you had to convert it one by one on a separate site.

But from now on

  • Read aloud with Ondoku
  • Download WAV format from history

By doing so, you don't have to bother to convert it on another site, so it's no hassle!

From the download button on the top page, only MP3 format downloads are supported as before.

So, if you click the download button on the top page, it will be in MP3 format without any choice. Please be careful.

How to use WAV format


WAV format is a standard audio data format in Windows.

Compared to MP3, it does not compress the sound, and the file size of a sound source that lasts 5 minutes becomes 50MB, so it tends to be large data.

However, the WAV format is a standard audio data format in Windows, so it is compatible with the software provided by Windows.

For example, PowerPoint.

When inserting and playing MP3 format audio files in PowerPoint, you may get an error that slide switching does not work.

This is an error caused by the incompatibility between PowerPoint and MP3.

This can be solved by using WAV format audio files instead of MP3s.

The MP3 format is a widely used format.

So many people will be able to get enough audio in MP3 format.

However, some people say, "It doesn't work unless it's in WAV format."

Please use the newly downloaded WAV format for the usage you want to use.

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