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You can use voice reading aloud on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, etc. without searching for softwares or applications. The setting method is very easy. Read more

It's essential to read sentences on a daily basis, but people want to maintain their eye health. This time, I would like to propose "a method of using voice reading software". Read more

Ondoku made two updates this time to make it easier for you to use! Displayed the site in English and made sure that the text you entered is not lost from a reading error. Read more

By adding the audio on powerpoint, it will be possible to make the presentation easier to understand. We will introduce the recommended software. Read more

Chinese is an ideographic character whose meaning can be understood just by looking at the characters, but it is difficult to imagine the pronunciation. I want to check the pronunciation of words I want to check the pronunciation of sentences I will intro Read more

Ondoku is an attractive reading site that meets your needs for studying various English, such as American English and British English. Read more

We will introduce 3 reading aloud softwares you can use without installing and 3 settings that allow you to use without installing . Read more

Let us explain the payment method and receipt for Ondoku. You can use Ondoku for free, but if you want to use it more frequently or want to avoid attribution statement, you can sign up for the plans with charge. Read more

How to learn English using the text-to-speech software. Ondoku is a native English speaker. It knows every single word. You can listen at any times at anywhere. We will introduce the software and the use. Read more

When looking for text-to-speech software, "does it read humanly?" is a very important issue for the listener. I tried to find out which text-to-speech software would be most human-readable, provided that the site could be adjusted for Japanese. Read more