List of posts related to text-to-speech software|Free online read text aloud app "Ondoku"

Let us explain the payment method and receipt for Ondoku. You can use Ondoku for free, but if you want to use it more frequently or want to avoid attribution statement, you can sign up for the plans with charge. Read more

How to learn English using the text-to-speech software. Ondoku is a native English speaker. It knows every single word. You can listen at any times at anywhere. We will introduce the software and the use. Read more

When looking for text-to-speech software, "does it read humanly?" is a very important issue for the listener. I tried to find out which text-to-speech software would be most human-readable, provided that the site could be adjusted for Japanese. Read more

It is very easy to download Ondoku app. Now it can be used on Android devices, so I will introduce how to download apps for Android. Place it at home and it's even more convenient! Read more

We will introduce in detail the new function of Ondoku, "reading from image" and explain how to use it. This function can be used from a PC or smartphone and of course, for free. Read more

Ondoku is available for commercial use. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation, the use for the purpose of directly or indirectly obtaining profits such as money is commercial use. However, please note that Ondoku has banned acts. Th Read more

SSML stands for Speech Synthesis Markup Language. By writing SSML code, you can further control the speech to be generated. We will introduce how to use SSML in Ondoku in detail. Read more

We will introduce how to make a video narration with a text-to-speech software 1. Make a script 2. Separate each line 3. Convert to speech line by line 4. Download 5. Revise as needed 6. Load audio files to video editor 7. Edit the pause Read more

Let's look at how people use text-to-speech software on Twitter. There are not only orthodox ways but also unique ones! Read more

There are five free text-to-speech software (sites) for Mac. Many want to use the voice of Siri, an AI assistant for Mac, so I will introduce the method, too. Read more