Summary of 5 free text-to-speech software that can be used on Mac

Dec. 5, 2023

Summary of 5 free text-to-speech software that can be used on Mac

Hello, this is Ondoku.


I want to use text reading software because it's convenient!

However, finding software is extremely difficult for Mac users. Because compared to Windows, there are very few.

This time, we will introduce text reading software and sites that can be used even by Mac users.

Free text-to-speech software for Mac

People using text-to-speech software on Mac

These are the five main free text-to-speech software (sites) that can be used on Mac.



Mac OS standard software

Since OS X Yosemite (10.9) on Mac, it has been possible to create synthetic voice narration using only the standard OS software.

The type of voice

  • A Japanese woman's voice called "Kyoko"
  • A Japanese male voice called "Otoya"

You can choose.

How to set

[System Preferences] → [Accessibility] → [Speech]

You can set it with You can try it on your Mac right now, so please give it a try.

If you are considering commercial use, you will most likely need to check Apple's terms of service.

Can't use Siri?

Many people want to use the voice of Siri, an AI assistant that can be used with the Mac OS.

It seems that there is nothing that can't be used.

[How to use]

  1. Enter the text you want to read in the text memo
  2. Launch Siri
  3. Tell Siri to "read the memo"

However, depending on your computer environment and Siri, this method may or may not read the text.

It really depends on Siri's mood .

I do not recommend it because it is not guaranteed to be stable and usable.


This software provides the voice of the famous "Zundamon" on YouTube etc.

The point is that it is free and can be used for commercial purposes.

However, the terms of use for commercial use differ depending on the character you use, so please check carefully for each character.

Some characters are quite lenient, while others require permission from a separate contact point in advance.

VOICEVOX was developed by Hiho, an engineer at Dwango Media Village. This is a great, free text reading software.




It can be operated on the web, so you can use it without worrying about the OS.

This is a free text-to-speech software that is created using the speech synthesis library "AquesTalk" developed and sold by Aquest.

Use for personal hobbies (creating/distributing videos with slow voices, etc.) is free, but the generated audio can be used for commercial purposes (including distributing "ad-supported" videos on YouTube etc.) If you wish to do so, you will need to purchase a " Use License (for commercial content) ".




Ondoku is free and has a wide range of uses, and the sound quality is pretty clear and easy to listen to.

It can be used on the homepage, so there is no need to install it on your computer or smartphone. You can easily use it anywhere.

It also has a wide range of multilingual support, covering more than 30 countries. The created audio can be immediately downloaded in MP3 format. Commercial use is also possible.


text to speech reader

  • Mac OS standard software, "Kyoko"
  • Android reading voice

This is a text reading site that allows you to read aloud.

There is no mention of commercial use, so you will need to inquire to see if it can be used.

text to speech reader

Try text reading software

Apple earphones and text-to-speech software

All of the five text reading software introduced this time are free to use.
*For personal use. Commercial use varies depending on the software and site, so please check each site.

If it is available on the website, you can use it immediately by accessing it.

The standard Mac OS software is also of a quality that cannot be underestimated.

For Mac users, finding compatible software can be quite a hassle.

Even if you think, ``This software is great!'' and want to try it out, you won't be able to use it if your OS isn't compatible. However, more and more are compatible with Mac and are available on websites.

It may still be difficult to create text with so much emotion that humans can read it aloud.

In particular, Japanese has many different types of character notation, including kanji, hiragana, and katakana, so it can be more difficult to read out loud than other languages.

Therefore, text-to-speech software sometimes makes reading mistakes.

However, the way I read out loud is much more human-like now than it was five years ago.


As long as text reading software continues to be developed, the quality of text reading will continue to improve.

We are now in the future that someone dreamed of.

I, Ondoku, will continue to do my best so that I can read out wonderful voices.

actually Please try using it too.

Well, I look forward to meeting you.

■ AI voice synthesis software "Ondoku"

"Ondoku" is an online text-to-speech tool that can be used with no initial costs.

  • Supports approximately 50 languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, and German
  • Available from both PC and smartphone
  • Suitable for business, education, entertainment, etc.
  • No installation required, can be used immediately from your browser
  • Supports reading from images

To use it, simply enter text or upload a file on the site. A natural-sounding audio file will be generated within seconds. You can use voice synthesis up to 5,000 characters for free, so please give it a try.

Text-to-speech software "Ondoku" can read out 5000 characters every month with AI voice for free. You can easily download MP3s and commercial use is also possible. If you sign up for free, you can convert up to 5,000 characters per month for free from text to speech. Try Ondoku now.
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