[Presbyopia, tired eyes, blurred vision, etc.] A new proposal for those who want to maintain eye health. Read aloud software

Jan. 17, 2021

[Presbyopia, tired eyes, blurred vision, etc.] A new proposal for those who want to maintain eye health. Read aloud software

Welcome to Ondoku website.

  • With age, people became difficult to see nearby characters because of presbyopia.
  • People worry that their eye site goes bad due to computers or smartphones.
  • After the evening, the eyes are tired and hazy, so it is  hard to see small letters.

There are many people who want to maintain their eye health .


  • It is essential to read sentences everyday.
  • Nowadays, it is essential to use computers for work.

For those who want to keep their eye health or have difficulty reading sentences due to fatigue, blurred vision, presbyopia, etc., I would like to propose " a method of using voice reading software" .

Eye strain from a computer

Of course, not only for those who read characters on a PC or a smartphone on a daily basis,

It is  very easy that "someone can read aloud" the small letters that you see on a daily basis such as newspapers and documents.

People think they do not want bother ohters by distracting...

However, voice-reading software won't bother anyone.

What is voice reading software?

Software or service that reads out letters, texts, or documents aloud.

Using voice-reading software is  more convenient than you think.

Rather than reading silently with your eyes, you can change your comprehension level simply by following the sentence with your eyes while listening to the audio that is read out .

This is also said to be a study method, and research results show that using both eyes and ears improves understanding and memory compared to using only one .

It is hard to ask people to read aloud, but if you use voice reading software, you can read the text without bothering anybody.

There are some free softwares for reading aloud.

Among them, Ondoku is recommended because it is more similar to a human voice.

Voice reading service, a service that allows you to read aloud easily

Read aloud software, read aloud

Ondoku's official website

Ondoku is a relatively new voice-to-speech service that was just released in May 2020.

Unlike old-fashioned voice-reading software, it is simple and easy to operate.

It is used by people who want to read various voices, and it is used not only by individuals but also by many corporations.

  • Narration such as Youtube,
  • Creating teaching materials at schools and cram schools,
  • Utilization for in-house training, etc.

It also supports commercial use.

In addition to such usage, this service is also perfect for those who want to keep their eye health or have difficulty reading sentences due to fatigue, blurred vision, presbyopia, etc. 

There are multiple speakers such as women and men, so you can choose your favorite voice .

In addition to this, it supports 33 languages, so it can be used for learning languages.

Basically, it can be used free of charge. But if you want to increase the number of characters to read aloud, you need to use it for a fee.

How to use Ondoku

PC and smartphone

How to use Ondoku for free is very easy.

No need to download apps or softwares. One of the attractions is that you can do everything with a web browser.

How to use

  1. Access to Ondoku's website
  2. Enter the text you want to read in the text box (you can also copy and paste)
  3. Adjust to desired settings such as the type of voice and the speed of voice
  4. Click read

That's it.

In addition, the audio can also be downloaded in MP3 format .

Textbooks and prints can be read aloud

There is a convenient function that reads out when you upload an image .

This is a function that allows you to read aloud the images taken with a smartphone.

You can take pictures of picture books, books, textbooks, etc., and read them aloud by Ondoku.

What's more, it's very convenient because you don't have to enter each word by yourself.

[How to use the image->speech reading function]

Voice-to-speech function from the image of Mr. Onomi

  1. Access to the top page of Ondoku
  2. There is a tab of "character" and "image" above the text box.
  3. Click the "Image" tab
  4. Click the image upload and select your favorite image *For smartphones, you can start the camera here and take a picture directly.
  5. After selecting the image, adjust the reading speed and the height.
  6. Click the reading button

Then you can analyze the image and read out the audio in a few seconds.

After loading the image, the recognized characters will be displayed in the text box.

If the reading is strange due to a mistake in recognition, you can edit it here.

Detailed usage is introduced here.

How to use Ondoku image reading function

Text-to-speech software "Ondoku" can read out 5000 characters every month with AI voice for free. You can easily download MP3s and commercial use is also possible. If you sign up for free, you can convert up to 5,000 characters per month for free from text to speech. Try Ondoku now.
HP: ondoku3.com
Email: ondoku3.com@gmail.com
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