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We will introduce the merits and demerits of using text-to-speech software for editing and confirmation work. It is easy to notice typographical errors when listening to the voice. Read more

The average “commuting time by car” across the country is 29 minutes. What I recommend is to "use your ears" and make effective use of car commuting. Read more

New proposal for effective use of commuting time. Other than smartphone games, reading, sleeping, studying qualifications, listening to audiobooks, listening to news and blogs Read more

However, when you want to work, the act of reading a sentence is quite difficult. Isn't there a service that doesn't read news and blogs? I will show you how to read blogs and news easily. Read more

Text-to-speech software is far more familiar than we think. We will introduce case examples such as automatic voice for answering service, narration of videos such as Youtube, etc. Read more

We will introduce the speech synthesis engine that can be used for free and the speech synthesis engine that can be used when purchased. AquesTalk Open JTalk etc. Read more

We will introduce a total of 7 free and paid versions of recommended text-to-speech software. I prepared the sample audio so please watch it. Read more