[Easy] An American resident taught me how to read English fast

Oct. 25, 2022

[Easy] An American resident taught me how to read English fast

I want to read English fast! However, for us who are not native speakers, reading English is very difficult.

However, speed reading is necessary for English tests and exams ,

If you read news or books quickly, you will get more information .

If you search the Internet for "How to read English faster"

  • Read aloud more than 50 times
  • understand word order
  • read through a book without a dictionary

It's just a very difficult way to study.

Am I the only one who can't get up when he says "Let's study!"


The tips for reading English fast introduced in the Youtube video are very interesting, and I think anyone can easily imitate them, so I will introduce them.

AIUEO phonics videos

Allie, Fuzzy, and Super Fuzzy from Los Angeles

It is a channel where anyone from children to adults can easily understand and enjoy studying, as it carefully explains the basics of English.

Since one video is about 5 minutes, it is also attractive that you can watch it anytime in a short time.

This is the YouTube channel I watch the most for studying English.

Aiueo Phonics "[I didn't know] Tips for reading English fast! Training in this way changes the speed of reading English Adult Phonics [#308]"

Here are some tips for reading English faster!

read with sound

Read English sentences while listening to sounds

Read while listening to English pronunciation

Many research results have been published that human beings read while pronouncing words in their heads when reading sentences.

This method takes advantage of the inherent characteristics of people and helps them study English .

Listening to the pronunciation while actually looking at an English sentence can help you read faster than just reading silently because you don't have to vocalize it in your head.

I actually tried

In fact, I read the news site for children introduced in the video while listening to English.

Scholastic News (Children's News)

Scholastic News (Children's News)


12 minutes to read the text without reading aloud for the first time

Read the text while listening to the reading aloud three times

2nd reading 5 minutes without reading aloud

This is the result.

It's true that the second time was the same sentence, but as I repeated it, I felt that the time to read the sentences without reading the sentences aloud the first time would become shorter.

When I read the text while listening to the sound, I was able to read twice as fast as I normally read, and I was able to understand the content easily.

Personally, I was more surprised that reading while listening to English improved my comprehension of the content rather than reading faster .

Here are some other opinions and comments!

There was also this comment in the comment section of this video.

The content of this video was a blind spot! I used to do a correspondence teaching material called "Children's Challenge", and when I was in the first grade of elementary school, I would listen to a cassette tape and solve Japanese sentence problems. I remember having a hard time reading it on my own because the cassette tape didn't come with it. It was at that moment that I realized the content of this video.

Quoted by body less

As a test, I used an audiobook (Flowers for Algernon, halls) and read while listening to the reading, and I was surprised at how my reading speed changed. It was like a sensory switch in the brain, which is touched on in this video, and I felt a sense of connection. In particular, I recommend reading while listening to the audio, especially for those who have knowledge but can't read for some reason, or just reading aloud was not effective.

Excerpt from Mr. Hideo Ishida

There was also a comment.

By listening to the reading aloud while looking at the text many times, or by reading one book while listening to English on an audio book, you will gradually get used to reading faster.

Then you will be able to read the sentence itself quickly without listening to the reading aloud.

What to do when speed can't keep up with comprehension

The important thing is to listen to the reading aloud that matches your level.

If there are only English words you don't know, you won't be able to understand what they mean no matter how much you listen to them read aloud.

If you can't understand the meaning, your reading speed will inevitably drop.

What should I do if my understanding is not keeping up with my reading speed?

Quote Mr. Wasabi Furikake

In response to this comment, Aiueo Phonics gave the following advice.

Apps like speechify can slow things down ( when there are too many words I don't understand, I'm just wondering if there's a level )

Quote "Aiueo Phonics" English Pronunciation

Wouldn't it be better to read aloud yourself?

Isn't it better to read aloud yourself?

I thought so too, but some people asked the same question in the comments section.

Can you get the same effect as reading aloud?

Quote Kenji What do you eat?

I think you should do this first than reading aloud. ( If you learn your own wrong pronunciation by reading aloud, it will be hard to remember the correct pronunciation later .--My experience.)

Quote "Aiueo Phonics" English Pronunciation

I see···! If you read while reading aloud before you can pronounce it, is there a risk of memorizing it with the wrong, self-pronounced pronunciation ? !

Certainly, there are several words that I learned in junior high school that I have memorized by reading them in romaji.

At the same time as increasing my vocabulary of basic English words, I felt that I could read English faster by learning how to read sentences while listening to audio, so I introduced this method this time. Did.

How to listen to English reading aloud for free?

English children's news site, nice, but I want to start it as free as possible

There are many ways to listen to English texts read aloud outside of news sites aimed at children.

  • English news site
  • Google Translate
  • Ondoku etc.

Ondoku is especially recommended.

Ondoku allows you to listen to the audio of the English sentences you want read aloud .

Many English learners also recommend Ondoku.

Ondoku recommended by many English learners and teachers

Ondoku is a strong ally for learners studying English. There are many useful functions.

  • Free up to 5000 characters per month
  • 47 English speakers
  • Speech reading from images
  • Audio can be saved as MP3
  • Conversation between men and women / multiple people with the conversation function,
    Create your own listening voice in English and Japanese

Free up to 5000 characters per month.

Ondoku is

Free plan

  • No member registration 1,000 characters
  • With member registration 5,000 characters

Paid plan

  • Basic 200,000 characters
  • Value 450,000 characters
  • Premium 1 million characters

This character count is updated monthly.

If you change the settings or change the text even a little, the number of characters will be counted, so be careful when using it for free!

English has a lot of characters, so if you study seriously, you will run out of 5000 characters in no time.

In that case, you may only be charged for one month.

Ondoku has 47 English speakers.

English in various dialects, voices from children to adults. Multiple men and women.

You can choose your favorite reading, so if you think "this voice is hard to hear", you can change it to a different voice.

In addition, the reading speed can be slowed down or sped up. It is also attractive that you can make something that suits your level.

Ondoku's English audio can be viewed from this page, so please use it.

Related article [Ondoku] Listening to English audio

Speech reading from images

This function is very convenient.

Textbooks and other paper media cannot be copied and pasted, and it is troublesome to enter characters.

However, if you take a picture with a smartphone etc. and upload it to Ondoku, you can immediately turn it into a voice. You can easily convert the teaching materials you have at hand into voice.

For example, copy a sentence from an English question, huh?

Can not···

Actually, I can't copy and paste because the PDF is protected.

But don't worry, the amazing thing about Ondoku is that it automatically analyzes the characters just by screenshotting them and uploading them. This is dangerous.

Quoted from: English text-to-speech software is too amazing | Kazuya Takahashi | Kazuya Takahashi Practical learning theory and brain science column that can be read in 3 minutes! @kz8_takahashi

With Ondoku, you can even create your own original audiobooks.

Audio can be saved as MP3

You can download the audio you read aloud as MP3, so you can listen to it offline anytime, anywhere.

A strong ally for those who study.

With the conversation function, you can create your own voice for listening in English or Japanese, and for conversations between men and women or multiple people.

You can make the audio as you want, such as a male-female conversation like a teaching material, or an audio for listening to English words.

It's a highly recommended feature, but it's a little-known feature. Please use it.

Between you and me, it's even used in school English listening tests!

Learn how to read English faster to help you learn

The trick to reading English fast is to read the sentence while listening to the English reading aloud.

You can reach your goal by repeating and stacking up every day.

I will do my best to study English. Let's do our best to study English together!

Official website: Ondoku

Text-to-speech software "Ondoku" can read out 5000 characters every month with AI voice for free. You can easily download MP3s and commercial use is also possible. If you sign up for free, you can convert up to 5,000 characters per month for free from text to speech. Try Ondoku now.
HP: ondoku3.com
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